Stained glass in kitchen or other cabinet doors brings color and art into the room while lightening the weight of the cabinets in the room design. It can allow you to see the contents and yet disguise the stark look of stacked plates, or with more opaque glass, hide the contents entirely. Almost any stained glass pattern can be modified to fit into cabinet doors and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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The maple kitchen cabinets in the first six pictures below were made by local cabinet maker/artisan Robert Schenk. His carefully crafted cabinet doors provide a perfect frame for our stained glass work. The glass used is subtle shades of baroque, with beveled and cord glass accents, and metal sculpture overlay.
kitchen overview
kitchen overview 2

Detail of left cabinet


Detail of right cabinet

Detail of right doors

Cabinet doors before installation...

Detail of left doors

showing the detail and
colors of the glass design.

Daffodil cabinet doors

Daffodil cabinet doors

Madrone cabinet

This cabinet was created for
a client who loves the northwest
native madrone tree.

Rosa Cabinet

A single rose adorns this cabinet door


Orchid cabinets

Right hand doors before installation

Left hand doors before installation


The kitchen cabinets below were created for a television studio set for a cooking show. The show aired in the Fall 2006 season.

Overview of the kitchen set

Overview of the kitchen set

Stained glass cabinet doors

Stained glass cabinet doors

close-up of doors

Close-up of doors

Detail of glass

Detail of glass

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