Let Kelley Studios personalize your office or business.

We can create a distinctive stained glass window or door incorporating your company logo or theme. It is a unique way to "state your business", and more subtle and decorative than the ordinary sign. We also offer presentation pieces for awards or commemorative gifts and transparencies framed in beveled glass.

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These classic quilt blocks in stained glass adorn the entrance to a quilting studio and also provide a charming way to disguise the door to the former garage.

the quilt windows

The quilt windows

Irish Clover

"Irish Clover"

Block quilt

Block quilt




Designed to encase a crystal, this 3-sided pyramid with a different symbol on each side was created for a healing arts institution.
(It's difficult to see all the details. We hope to have better pictures soon.)


The "om" symbol.

pyramid side 2

The symbol for light.

the all-seeing eye

The all-seeing eye

Dentist logo

Logo incorporated into a dentists' door.

more coming soon

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